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Letter from Thomas Tichenor to his parents Thomas & David Ellen (Cherry) Tichenor regarding student life and a physical education program that he participated in.

Dear Folks:

This old week sure has gone by in a hurry. I haven't had so much work to do this week but have been busy. Mr. Francis is getting us a tap-dancing class for boys. We are going to meet one time a week on Tuesdays. Joe and I and about twelve other boys have joined. It doesn't cost anything and I hope I can learn to tap dance some anyway.

I don't think that I will have enough time to come home because I will be very busy during that time. The dramatic club is presenting two or three plays and they will take a good deal of time although I am only in one of them.

This music that I am taking sure is hard. I hope that I can make C on it. It is a required subject and you only get two hours on it but meet it four times a week. All my other studies are hard but I don't have any trouble with them. The physical Ed. program sure was a success. Most of the people said that the boys part of it was the best. The entire gym, was packed and everybody enjoyed it very much.

Last Saturday night I went up to Uncle Hardin's and although it was about 7:00 all but Elizabeth had gone to bed. She is a typical Cherry, full of life etc. I had a nice time although the rest had gone to bed. Elizabeth gave me a few pointers on how to play bridge and wants me to come back and learn some more, she seems to like to teach. She graduates at the end of this semester and is trying to get a job at a summer camp like the one that Eleanor Bellentine had but didn't go. She is agent for a steamship company and is trying to get people to go abroad. If she gets ten people she gets a free trip besides a liberal commission. She wrote over fifty letters last week and has some prospects.

I received the magazines the other day and have read most of them. I also got a Montgomery Ward catalogue so I will have something to look at anyway, even if I do run out of work. Mrs. Smith wants me to come to see them so I may go today. She is the one who lived across the street from us when we lived here. Don't let the kidnappers get Nell [Tichenor]!



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