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The portrait of Margie Helm was painted by Sarah Gaines Peyton in 1968. Ms. Peyton was a native of Bowling Green and friend of the Helm family. The project was initiated by Sara Tyler, a library associate of Miss Helm's. A small plaque on the frame is inscribed:

Margie M. Helm, Library & Director of Library Services, 1920-1965.

April 5, 1968

Memorandum To: President Kelly Thompson

From: Sara Tyler, Director of Library Services

Sarah Peyton has finished the portrait. It will be framed at a cost of $54.49 and will be shipped express collect from Jacksonville, Florida.

In a note from Miss Helm, she requests that there not be "any ceremony about hanging it." She further says, "I would appreciate it if it is done quietly."

When the portrait arrives and is uncrated, I will notify you.


Western Kentucky University, Margie Helm Library (WKU), Health & Physical Education Building (WKU)


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