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Page 1 of a letter from Margie Helm to Kelly Thompson thanking him for naming the library after her:

New Year's Day, 1965

Dear Kelly:

I am still trying to get used to the wonderful thing that has happened to me. I shall write to the regents also to tell them how much I appreciate this compliment to me.

It is really a compliment to all the library staff who have cooperated with me to make the library give the best service that we could. You know how happy and yet how humble it makes you feel.

As I told you I feel unworthy because Sara Tyler has taken so much responsibility for the planning of this building. I have really stepped back and let her make decisions on the building that she would be living in. If it is possible to combine our names for the building it would please me and it could be announced that the change was at my suggestion. Of course I shall not mention this idea of mine. I told Sara when I first called her and I have told several other people that I told you that Sara had worked harder on the plans for the building than I have, and . . .


Western Kentucky University, Margie Helm Library (WKU), Health & Education Building (WKU)


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