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Oral history conducted by Lisa Miller regarding Earl Wassom's life and work at WKU as well as information regarding the Margie Helm Library and Cravens Graduate Center & Library.

  • 0:00-10:00 family background, World War II service, courtship
  • 10:00-17:00 education, marriage, minister, early career
  • 17:00-22:30 WKU interview, Raymond Cravens, Dial Access Center
  • 22:30-26:00 research library, Kelly Thompson, construction of Cravens Graduate Center & Library, budget, Harry Largen
  • 26:00-34:00 Library of Congress subject reclassification project, main frame computers
  • 34:00-37:00 WKYU-TV, Charles Anderson, Media Center, Tate Page Hall, Third District Lending Library
  • 37:00-40:00 library administration, Sara Tyler, Margie Helm, Florence Ragland, Michael Binder
  • 40:00-42:30 library computerization
  • 42:30-46:00 Kentucky Building, Julia Neel, Gayle Carver, Riley Handy
  • 46:00-52:00 Wassom's administrative style
  • 52:00-58:00 Margie Helm recollections
  • 58:00-1:08:00 Kentucky Building collections
  • 1:08:00-1:14:00 ghost stories, faculty meetings, Sarah Thompson, faculty wives
  • 1:14:00-end dress codes, western artifacts, retirement party


Western Kentucky University, Health & Physical Education Building (WKU), Margie Helm Library (WKU)


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