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Oral history conducted by Lisa Miller regarding Connie Foster's life and work at WKU as well as information regarding the Margie Helm Library and Cravens Graduate Center & Library.

  • 0:00-1:45 early life, education
  • 1:45-6:30 working at WKU University Libraries, Library Educational Services, English instructor, technical services, serials
  • 6:30-9:40 interim dean of WKU University Libraries, dean, Special Collections, Kentucky Museum administrative split
  • 9:40-10:47 Margie Helm, Earl Wassom, Sara Tyler
  • 10:47-12:57 library director, library dean, Michael Binder, WKU administration
  • 12:57-20:40 technical services cataloging, internal online computers, computer output microfiche, card catalogs, computers, discovery systems, personal computers, Library of Congress reclassification
  • 20:40-28:05 Information Commons, cooperation with Information Technology, computer labs
  • 28:05-32:00 Information Commons origins, Gordon Emslie, Gordon Baylis, Bob Owens, Information Technology
  • 32:00-40:00 "naked" patron, TopScholar, reference
  • 40:00-45:00 ghosts, greased pig, swimming pool, deaths
  • 45:00-50:00 emergency situations, library security
  • 50:00-55:00 challenged materials
  • 55:00-end library outreach, student research awards, scholarship, Friends of the Library


Western Kentucky University, Health & Physical Education Building (WKU), Margie Helm Library (WKU)


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