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Oral history conducted by Lisa Miller regarding Michael Binder's life and work at WKU as well as information regarding the Margie Helm Library and Cravens Graduate Center & Library.

  • 0:00-6:13 early life, education, library experience, early jobs
  • 6:13-14:00 New York City College, Defense Intelligence Agency Library, University of Pittsburgh doctoral program, University of Virginia-Wise, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • 14:00-15:30 WKU University Libraries deanship, WKU administration, Earl Wassom
  • 15:30-21:00 Riley Handy, Special Collections, Kentucky Museum
  • 21:00-28:30 libraries at WKU Glasgow, WKU Owensboro, WKU Elizabethtown/Ft. Knox, website, institutional repository, Southern Kentucky Bookfest, Topper Info Portal, PRIMO
  • 28:30-31:00 Kentucky Virtual Library
  • 31:00-37:36 funding for library resources, budget inflation line
  • 37:36-41:20 challenged materials
  • 41:20-51:30 death of librarian, Nicholas Sparks, authors' receptions, Kentucky Virtual University, WKU Glasgow library opening
  • 51:30-end ghosts


Western Kentucky University, University Libraries (WKU), Margie Helm Library (WKU), Health & Physical Education Building (WKU)


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