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Newspaper notice of reward offered by the WCTU of Bowling Green:

A suitable reward is hereby offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction, in any court of competent jurisdiction, of each and every person convicted of any of the following offenses committed in Warren county, Ky.:

  1. Selling Intoxicating Liquor in Warren county, Ky.
  2. Acting as Agent for either the buyer or seller of intoxicating liquor whether such agent receives any pay or reward as agent or not.
  3. Ordering intoxicating liquor for another and receiving same in the name of another than the person for whom the liquor is ordered.
  4. Any person or common carrier, whether railroad, express or navigation company, furnishing intoxicating liquor to any minor or inebriate.
  5. Any agent of any railroad, express or navigation company, who fails to make, keep and exhibit, when called upon, a record of liquor shipments, as required by law, or who delivers liquor to any person holding a Government license, or to a minor or an inebriate.
  6. Any person having intoxicating liquor in his possession for sale. The reward being intended to apply to information leading to a successful raid of any house or place where liquor is illegally stored or kept.
  7. Any druggist or doctor selling straight whisky, alcohol or other intoxicating liquors with or without a prescription.
  8. Any druggist who sells morphine, opium or any derivative thereof, without a prescription, or who refills a prescription therefor.
  9. Any doctor who gives prescriptions for morphine, opium, etc., illegally.
  10. Any person guilty of gambling, any person renting a room, or house for gambling purposes, or any person who is a "Common Gambler," that is, one who supports himself for the most part by gaming.
  11. Any person who, by reason of being intoxicated or under the influence of liquor, disturbs public worship, or any public assembly or gathering, anywhere in Warren county.

Arrangements must be made with either Constable Jeff Meredith or Constable Alex Jenkins regarding the conditions and amount of reward in advance of issuing of warrants or the return of indictments. The person giving the information will not be required to act as a witness unless he may so desire. He must, however, give all the details of the transaction, including the place, time, names of the parties present, etc., so that the case may be made out to the satisfaction of the court or jury before which it may be tried. Farmers bringing their crops to market, or other persons desiring to assist in enforcing the law, can do so with a little effort and at the same time receive pay for their trouble, without their identity being in any way disclosed. This offer applies to every portion of Warren county including the city of Bowling Green.

Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Bowling Green, Kentucky


Temperance, Prohibition


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