Philosophy & Religion

Interim Department Head: Dr. Elizabeth Gish

Philosophy and Religion are the logic and poetry of the mind, the backbone of global intellectual history. Humans have long used reason and imagination to investigate both the circumstances that determine us as well as the possibilities that inspire us. These endeavors have situated the individual within cosmic paradigms and have yielded the cultural benefits of social contracts and moral precepts. Students of philosophy and religion explore existence and essence, the real and ideal, and aspire to understand the vicissitudes of enlightenment. Our courses will help you discover the variety of human inquiry, realize the scope of human adequacy, and acquire the skills of cultural diplomacy.

The Philosophy and Religion Department has three programs: Asian Religions and Cultures, Philosophy, and Religion. While Philosophy and Religion have aspirations to universality, the Asian Religions and Cultures program prepares students specifically for a better understanding of Asia. Philosophy will help you think, religion will expand your imagination, and Asian Religions and Cultures will introduce you to an increasingly important continent. Whichever program you choose, you may expect to leave with a better appreciation of human potential, the vagaries of contemplation, and the mysteries of consciousness.

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