Abraham, Apocalypse of; Abraham, Testament of; Apocryphal Literature; Bar-Kokhba; Benedictions, Eighteen; Eldad and Modad; Enoch, First; Enoch, Second; Enoch, Third; Esdras, First; Essenes; Ezekiel, Apocryphon of; Ezra, Greek Apocalypse of; Ezra, Revelation of; Ezra, Vision of; Gamaliel; Isaac, Testament of; Jacob, Testament of; Jannes and Jambres; Job, Testament of; Joseph and Aseneth; Joseph, Prayer of; Jubilees, Book of; Judaism; Judith, Book of; Lives of the Prophets; Menander, Syriac; Pirke Aboth; Rechabites, History of the; Sedrach, Apocalypse of; Sibylline Oracles; Solomon, Testament of; Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs



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