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Born in Africa, raised in Macon, Georgia, John Christopher Knight and his wife abandoned mainstream society when they moved to a farm in rural Kentucky. They live off the land as self-sufficiently as possible using no electricity modern machinery. Their main source of income is raising, training and selling border collies on their organic farm.

Knight began his music career when he was overheard singing and playing at a border collie trial. His lyrics reflect his lifestyle, like this verse from Don't Listen:

Yes that's a nice ring but did it really cost enough
'N that's a pretty diamon, but the one side's a little rough
Cental air in your house, runnin water in your sink
But I'm sure you can find a complaint if you'll just take time to think

CD includes songs:

1. Don't Listen

2. Race of Life

3. Just a Dream

4. I'm Ashamed

5. Buckle Down

6. So Long

7. Make Sure

8. Maybe Someday

9. A Nice Day

10. Heard a Robin

11. I Can't Hide

12. I Seen Girls


Western Kentucky University, Playing Our Song, Country Music, Folk Music


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