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Risher Holland shared:

I had only one adventure with the Hilltoppers. I was from Pennsylvania and had little money to go home for Christmas. Not unusual for those days at all. Jimmy Sacca lived in Pittsburgh which was one of the regular stops on the bus trip to Johnstown. He and about three others piled into the car and it was snowing before we got L'ville, which was a four hour road trip in those days. We slide off the road I think (details hazy) and someone took us into town where I was able to get on a bus to make the rest of the trip. No memory of who the good neighbor was.

I remember that Bill Stamps on the local radio station gave their records a big play. We all watched them on the Sullivan show and everyone knew "Trying" by heart.

Linda Allen shared:

My little humorous incident was at the Red Carpet Inn . . . I think it has changed names again. We hadn't been in Bowling Green for more than a few weeks when we attended one of the Hilltoppers concerts there with Dr. Spero Kerieakes and Helen. I had just opened my practice in Orthodontics and Spero introduced me to Jimmy before the show. Jimmy didn't know that I was new in town and opened his show with, "We have with us tonight, Dr. Charles Owsley." Well there was some polite applause while my wife and I were laughing about what they must be thinking . . . who in the heck is he?


Western Kentucky University, Hilltoppers Quartet


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