This report presents the results of a Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Study for Daviess County, KY. Study components were conducted by Western Kentucky University in partnership with Daviess County Emergency Management Agency. The study area was focused in Daviess County and included a railway-monitoring site near Henderson, KY. A map of the Daviess County is shown in Figure 1.1. As part of this study, hazardous materials (hazmats) transported through the study area were monitored via placard surveys at the following sites: U.S. Highway 60 (Hwy 60), east and westbound lanes at East Fourth Street & the Hwy 60 Bypass (U.S. 231); U.S. Route 231 (Route 231), southbound lanes at East Fourth Street & and U.S. 231 South; William H. Natcher Parkway (Natcher Pkwy), north and southbound lanes at 4301 Plantation Pointe; Audubon Parkway, east and westbound lanes at second overpass west of Owensboro; CSX Railway (CSX), north and southbound trains monitored from Sunset Park in Henderson, KY while crossing over bridge between Kentucky and Indiana. The purpose of this report is to present information on patterns of hazardous materials commodity flow along Hwy 60, Hwy 231, Natcher Parkway, Audubon Parkway, and CSX, as observed from May 27, 2013 to August 7, 2013. This report also summarizes incidents involving hazardous materials over the previous 5 years, December 2008 to June 2013, in Daviess County.


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