Research Methods in Student Affairs (CNS 594)


Research paper for CNS 594.


The research currently in the field regarding brotherhood and sisterhood does not presently take into account first generation students who belong to greek letter societies and organizations. This lack of information results in the opportunity to raise awareness and understanding for this unique student population. First generation students are disproportionately members from underrepresented groups (Engle, 2007). They are also entering college less academically prepared (Choy, 2001). They are also more likely to work while in college (Saenz et al., 2007). These things in combination show inconsistency in the knowledge we have. While we already know that first-generation college students need specialized attention, we can further postulate that our first-generation college students who are also greek-affiliated need a specialized approach as well. With the number of first-generation students on the rise this is a population we need to further study to understand. This understanding could result in improved practices for this student population. It is our hope that our research will contribute to the success of our greek-affiliated, first-generation students.


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