Sabbatical Reports

Date Submitted

Spring 2013


Public Health

Project Description

The main purpose of this sabbatical leave was to provide me the opportunity to conduct relevant research and subsequently write two book chapters on environmental health and policy issues in two countries: Belize (a developing country) and Canada (a developed country). Specifically, the two book chapters were titled "Analysis of Environmental Health Policy in Belize" and "Analysis of Environmental Health and Policy Issues in Canada." As called for in my proposal, I was able to travel to Belize with a group of CHHS faculty and students during the 2013 winter term. During the leave period, I success fully conducted research and reviewed the current literature from various sources as well as evaluated theoretical frameworks on environmental and human health relationship theory. Additionally, I completed the two book chapters during the leave period and these have been submitted to Routledge Press, New York for publication in "Comparative Perspective on Environmental Policies and Issues."


Environmental Monitoring | Environmental Public Health | Health Services Research