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Photocopy of a proclamation by John Hunt Morgan addressed to his soldiers after the battles at Saundersville and the Springfield Junction Stockade.

Proclamation. Headquarters Morgan’s Brigade, Hartsville, Tenn., August 22, 1862

Soldiers: Your gallant bearing during the last two days will not only be inscribed in the history of the country and the annals of this war, but is engraven deeply in my heart.

Your zeal and devotion on the 20th, at the attack of the trestle-work at Saundersville, and of the Springfield Junction Stockade, your heroism during the two hard fights of yesterday, have placed you high on the list of those patriots who are now in arms for our Southern Rights.

All communication cut off betwixt Gallatin and Nashville, a body of 300 infantry totally cut up or taken prisoners, the liberation of those kind friends arrested by our revengeful foes, for no other reason than their compassionate care of our sick and wounded, would have been laurels sufficient for your brows --- But, soldiers, the utter annihilation of General Johnson’s brigade, composed of twenty-four picked companies of regulars, and sent on purpose to take us, raises your reputation as soldiers, and strikes fear into the craven hearts of your enemies. Gen. Johnson and his staff, with 200 men taken prisoners, sixty-four killed and 100 wounded, attests the resistance made, and bears testimony to your valor.

But our victories have not been achieved without loss --- We have to mourn some brave and dear comrades. Their names will remain in our breasts, their fame outlives them. . . . They died in defence of a good cause --- they died, like gallent soldiers, with their front to the foe.

Officers and men, your conduct makes me proud to command you! Fight always as you fought yesterday, and you are invincible.

John H. Morgan, Colonel Commanding Cavalry.


Civil War 1861-1864, Confederate States of America


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