Director: Stacy S. Wilson

Engineering, technology, and manufacturing sectors have long been forceful economic drivers. Jobs in these areas offer exciting careers which contribute to meeting the needs of our modern lives. The WKU School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) is home to ten undergraduate programs and two graduate programs which directly feed the pipeline to the engineering, technology, and manufacturing sector.

The focus of our program is project based education. Thus our students have many opportunities to engage in projects with faculty, both in and out of the classroom.

We have a strong relationship with industry partners which offer support to our faculty and programs as we offer relevant curricula to our students. Our industry partners serve on advisory boards, provide projects for faculty and students, hire students as interns, and ultimately employ our graduates.

Programs in SEAS are accredited by ABET and ATMAE. We value external accreditation as an indication of the quality of our programs.

This new school was created in the Spring of 2017 combining the departments of Architectural and Manufacturing Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering.

Theses listed below published before 2018 were from those individual departments.

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