The 2017 ATMAE Accreditation Handbook Standard 5 states that each baccalaureate program/ option should meet minimum-maximum semester hour requirements in the foundational areas of general education, mathematics, physical (or life) sciences, management, technical, and electives. The specific credit hours required for each category has a specified range. This study attempted to answer the question of what courses typical ATMAE accredited university programs most frequently require. ATMAE accredits four-year manufacturing, industrial, construction, and information technology programs. To what extent are these accredited programs similar in content? Is there a representative convention of content for university courses?

The objectives of the research were to (a) determine the variety of ATMAE university programs and their constituent courses and (b) identify a composite curriculum for ATMAE university programs. Research was conducted using recent ATMAE accredited self-study reports of four-year programs. Specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions:

  • What specific courses are self-reported by ATMAE accredited four-year programs?
  • What courses are reported by ATMAE accredited four-year programs to maintain the reasonable balance between practical and conceptual application as stated in the Accreditation Handbook?
  • Is there an identifiable composite curriculum for ATMAE accredited four-year programs?


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