In order to meet the increasing expectations of industry, technology management programs combine the application of technical skills with management competencies. The aim of the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) is to develop professionals committed to solving complex technological problems, while advancing the technologist and applied engineering workforce. However, there is a wide variability of perceptions regarding the technologist and the technology manager. Clarity concerning the required competencies for an entry- level technology manager is essential. In order for technology management programs to be relevant, their competencies must be acknowledged and agreed upon. In addition, these technology management competencies must be aligned with accreditation and certification agencies within a body of knowledge. In this paper, the authors propose a set of common technology management core competencies. This research project sought to validate the competencies using reviews of literature with field, panel, and survey research. The findings indicated that the Technology Management Competency Model has both face and content validity with regard to applied and managerial contexts. Furthermore, the model identifies those competencies deemed most important by ATMAE members.


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