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As the future of the beef industry contin ues to develop, it is safe to say millennials are going to have a massive impact. This paper expl ained the perception millennials have towards beef products and the beef industry as a wh ole, beef consumption patterns, and compared willingness to pay between rural and urban millennials. We applied a conditional logistic model to online survey data collected from 219 millennials during Spring 2016. Data collection was done by distributing a web link to m illennials in various colleges and universities throughout the state of Kentucky. Resu lts indicate that millennials have positive perception towards beef industry and express signif icant willingness to continue consuming beef products in future. We further found that comp ared to rural millennials, those in urban areas are willingness to pay more for beef products. The results are important for beef ranchers/processors and marketers. Processors can u se these results to better understand millennial perception towards beef production and c an make better strides toward animal husbandry and enhance their practices from pasture to plate. Marketers in both urban and rural areas can better market beef products using t hese results. These results provide ranchers and marketers with crucial information to continue shaping the perception in a positive direction.

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Dominique Gumirakiza