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Diary entry by Clarence McElroy during his trip to Asia.

The Portuguese quarter is highly improved beautiful broad streets & handsome buildings. Went from steamer landing to Macau Hotel & got lunch & a guide. & we got in rickshas & went over the City. Went first to see the façade of a R.C. Cathedral [Roman Catholic Church of St. Paul] nothing remain except the entire front wall. The Church was built in 1602 as appears from the inscription on the corner stone. About 1700 the building was all destroyed except the front wall which has stood for 200 years as it now stands. A very long & broad flight of steps lead up to it. The carved figure are still intact & very fine. Went to Camões Garden [Poet Luis de Camões] – very odd & beautiful. The poet sat in the cleft of an enormous boulder which is carved by another & wrote. His bust now occupies the place where he sat. Went to see the house & garden of a very rich Chinese. The grounds are surrounded by a stone wall about 15 feet high enclosing about 8 acres. The house is surrounded by a moat of water with a draw bridge & a lake is in point with a walk leading out to a summer house in the middle of the little lake. The house itself is most generously(?) & lavishly furnished mirrors & tables & carved chairs & bric-a-brac. The garden is beautiful & every thing in full bloom. Especially roses & dahlias. Went to Public garden about 10 acres. It has trees surrounded by beds of foliage plants, but instead of grass on the ground there is a sort of dark concrete. Went to the other public gardens both beautiful. In one is the Summer Palace


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