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Diary entries by Clarence McElroy during his trip through Asia.


Made a number of calls today among others called on Judge Rescries(?) & saw him & his entire family in his Filipino style of course refreshments were served.

Jany 4 -6

We bad goodbye to Manila & sailed today at 5 P.M. for Hong Kong. Morgan took us to the ship on a private launch. We sailed on the Prince Sigismund belonging to the North German Lloyd line & cruises from Australia via Manila & Hong Kong to Yokuhama [sic]. It is one of the best boats we have seen. Is 330 feet long & very steady. Excellent table & service. We dropped anchor at Hong Kong at 7 PM Jany 6 having made the journey in exactly 50 hours. About 3 PM of 6 it began to get quite cool & heavy clothing is comfortable.

Jany 10

Today went to Macau on S.S. Sui (?) and weather cool. Macau belongs to the Portuguese & has for a long time. It is situated on a rocky peninsula (?) & is one of the quaintest places I have seen. Population about 50,000 of which some 48,000 are Chinese. The Chinese quarter is something like Canton. Very narrow & crooked streets paved with stone laid mosaic style. The streets are always full of people.


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