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Diary entry for April 17th continued.

. . . expected – then went on to Versailles and that is really a gorgeous place. The frescoes the ceilings, the carved woodwork with gold leaf were beyond description. The Gobelin tapestries were magnificent and what few pieces of furniture were there were gorgeous. There were two original pieces – the carpet and the jewel cabinet in Marie Antoinette’s bedroom. Back to the hotel to find that Duncan [Hines] had just gone to bed for a nap. He had lunched all afternoon with Mr. Marin at the Hotel. He said that the food was magnificent. We rested & talked a bit & I did a little packing. Then we dressed and by cab over to Tour d’Argent to meet Harry & Dorothy Danega. We went at 7:30 & we practically opened the place. We have had better food – but no better fun, Some people from Michigan came in that Nell knew & Mr. Flodin is with Cleveland Cliffs knows John Bush. We had a lot of fund & we had beautiful view of the Seine & Notre Dame. When we left we were taken down to the wine cellars which are most interesting & unusual – very old wines, etc. Since we would not have any after dinner liqueur – they gave Duncan a bottle of rare old something or other – brandy of some kind. Did not see the label enough to know. Back to the hotel by cab & I did some packing & laundry & then to bed, rather late.


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