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Manor house built between 1832 and 1851 by Gregory Gregory. Slated for demolition in 1937 it was purchased by Violet Van der Els on the eve of World War II. The 1st Battalion of the British Airborne Division moved into the manor house in 1942, returning it to Mrs. Van der Elst after the war. In 1948 she sold the property to The Society of Jesuits to be used as a seminary. The Jesuits, in turn, leased the building to Stanford University in 1966. The University of Evansville leased the property in 1971. It was purchased outright by Dr. William Ridgway and donated to the University of Evansville in 1978. WKU is now a partner college using Harlaxton College for study abroad programs.


Western Kentucky University, University of Evansville


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