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Sunday, June 6 diary entry - The Queen Mary

Up fairly early and after we dressed Duncan [Hines] & I up down to the restaurant for breakfast. Returned to our room & did our usual morning chores. Then up to the lounge to read. When Nell finally joined us, she & I had a walk - then we all ended in the Garden Lounge to read until lunch. At 12 Duncan down for a manicure. When he returned, we had some cocktails & then to lunch. Didn't have much - just some cold salmon & Mayonnaise. Fog came down on us while we were at lunch & continued until about 8 when it completely cleared up. Thank goodness! We had crept along all afternoon so it was nice to be moving again. We had a very nice dinner & then down to the lounge to play bingo. Duncan won $46.00 - which made him happy. Phyllis & Walter Slemmer joined us & later I danced with Walter for a bit. We all to bed about 10:30. Had gotten together all of our things we had bought & made out the list of things to be declared. We are about $1900 over our Quota.

Monday June 7 diary entry - The Queen Mary

Up early - and around 9 - all of us down to the Restaurant for breakfast. We had rather a hearty one as Duncan had Wiltshire bacon & Nell had farm sausages which we all had to try. Back to our staterooms to make out our customs declaration. I messed mine up & had to get another to copy, which made the baggage master unhappy because all of the numbers were registered. We got that all finished & back to our rooms where I did a bit of packing. At 11:30 we down to the Restaurant to meet Mr. Green and had a visit through the kitchens. Met Chef MacDonald & looked all over. Then had pictures made of Duncan with Mr. Green & the Chef. Back upstairs & I changed my clothes in about 5 minutes & then Duncan & I to Staff Captain Jones' quarters for cocktails. Met Mr. & Mrs. Leith Johnston of Glencoe, Ill., Mr. & Mrs. Ruttery of North Carolina & Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan. He is Her Britannic Majesties Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary. He is just fresh from 3 years in Romania & is now on his way to serve in Mexico City. Very pleasant both of them were. When we left there, we went down to Mr. Green's quarters & had a drink with him. Nell was still with him. To lunch for a (?) one. Afterward Duncan napped while Nell & I walked. We packed later had dinner with Phyllis & Walter Stremel. They did a special dinner for us with special menus. Pressed duck was Marvelous - much better than Tou d'Argent. To bed fairly early.


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