Sociological Symposium
Statement on Purpose and Program (The Editor) Whereas the print explosion is a function of the publishers' profit motive. The knowledge explosion which earmarks the mid - twentieth century is a function of expansive research and scholarship. The promotion of this new journal of behavioral science is a modest response to the knowledge explosion.

The format of the journal is sufficiently specified by the term symposium.

Though the title's adjectival caption is a further specification, the singular yet ironical consequence of the sociological probe is the enhancement of behavioral synthesis as enterprise and behavioral theory as sufficient explanation. The symposium, in other words, treats problem areas by the multi-perspective of behavioral science.

Sociological Symposium invites definitive and working papers from the authorities ranked and robed. Sociological Symposium equally invites research papers from doctoral aspirants and self- adjudged lesser authorities, for ingenuity is no respecter of hierarchies and vested interests, academic or otherwise. Sociological Symposium will also reprint articles, as is the case in this inaugural issue, whenever the committee deems their reappearance pertinent to a fuller documentation of the symposium.

With these unpretentious beginnings Sociological Symposium respectfully submits issue Number One as evidence of a hopefully extended exploration in social thought and research.