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Child Welfare and Child Protection: An Introduction


Child Welfare and Child Protection: An Introduction prepares future child welfare professionals to tackle the complex and challenging work associated with responding to child maltreatment. Developed by a former child protection professional and a social work scholar, this book draws upon current research and features cases that simulate those child welfare professionals are likely to encounter in the field. After an historical examination of the evolution of child protection in the United States, the book focuses on understanding the causes of child maltreatment and risk assessment. Readers are presented with a compelling case and the opportunity to see how it develops over the course of three chapters that address the investigative process, the delivery of ongoing services to assist families in addressing high-risk behaviors, and helping children achieve timely permanency when returning home is not an option. Other chapters present foster parent and foster child perspectives, additional considerations for special needs populations, and suggestions for working effectively on a child protection team. Every effort is made to prepare readers for the stresses and strains associated with working in child protection, including a dedicated chapter on self-care. Featuring foundational and critical information for future professionals, Child Welfare and Child Protection is well-suited for introductory undergraduate and graduate courses.


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