The scrapbook came with a cover letter from Barbara Taylor excerpts of which follow:

My husband Charles Kenneth Taylor graduated in 1959 and earned the MA in 1960. I worked in the Business Office and earned my MA in 1963. My undergraduate degree was from Indiana University in Personnel Management. I taught at Western as an adjunct faculty member and then in 1966 was appointed to a full time position in the College of Business. We moved to Louisville in 1968.

We were married after I graduated in 1957 and moved to Bowling Green. My husband had completed two years of college work at Indianapolis University before entering service. When he returned from service he finished his college work at Western.

I remember a number of faculty members and I was on the staff when the major academic changes were made. It was interesting as Kelly Thompson made all the changes. His management style was autocratic which maybe was what the school needed at that time.

Women of course were secretaries no matter what we did. I felt at times that I was living the "dark ages" although it was the 60's. I guess I should write my history of working at Western from 1957 through 1968. I was certainly involved in the rapid changes.

One interesting decision I questioned was that men on the faculty or staff could buy athletic tickets for their wives at a discount or maybe they got them free, but women had to pay full price. Since I had a better seat than in the student section, I wanted a ticket for my husband and questioned the rationale. None was given but I got the ticket.


Scrapbook created by Charles and Barbara Taylor regarding Charles' participation on the WKU football team. Includes clippings, correspondence and football game programs.


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