Bruce Tucker


Underground newspaper commenting on Western Kentucky University administration and events. Articles include:

  • Todd, Tom. Is the Western Coed Liberated?
  • Harris, Mike. Hours Fight Continues - Visitation Policy
  • Harris, Mike. American Association of University Professors Won't Publish Survey Results
  • On the Refusal of the AAUP
  • Tichenor, Steve. Focus on the Arts
  • How Liberated Are You?
  • Todd, Tom. Speaker Policy Accepted
  • Conversation / Women's Role in Society & on the Campus - Jo Ann Sandifer, Tina Showalter, Vicki Kirchner, Dona O'Sullivan, Jackie Siddens
  • Solley, George. Twelfth Night: Dulce et Utile
  • Women: Organize & Resist
  • Overrule the Roberts Freaks - Associated Student Government


Communication | Gender and Sexuality | Higher Education Administration | Journalism Studies | Mass Communication | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Influence and Political Communication | Sociology