Bruce Tucker


Underground newspaper published by Bruce Tucker. Articles included:

  • Neumayer, Rick. The Making of a President - Dero Downing
  • Wilkerson, Larry. Campus Station to "Bluhm"?
  • Todd, Tom. Do You Mean They Want to Use Models Who are Completely . . . Nekkid?
  • Harris, Mike. Worry-Plagued Western Towers Limps Under the Wire
  • Harris, Mike. Blacks Move to Form Student Union
  • Tucker, Bruce. Blood, Sweat & Tears Concert: The Exodus
  • Patterson, Tom. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? - Jerry Walsh, Hector Cordero
  • Potter, Jerry. William Solley Resigns as Department Head
  • White, Alana. Good-by Old Dry - Veterans Village
  • Time to Bury the Spoils System
  • A Free Campus Press: The Battle is Joined
  • Promises, Promises: Vets Villagers Face Dilemma
  • Conversation: John Lyne


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