Bruce Tucker


Underground newspaper published by Bruce Tucker. Articles included:

  • Conversation - Dick Gregory
  • Louie B. Nunn on Drugs
  • Thoughts on the Speaker Policy
  • Charles Keown Regales Congress of Associated Students on Hours
  • Watch Associated Students Ego Trippers on Constitution Vote
  • Swell Homecoming Planned Next Year
  • Way Out Speakers Coming to Hill
  • Associated Student Congress Met Recently
  • Kent State Report: God Bless the Guard
  • Parking Problems are a Problem
  • Where's Bill Anderson?
  • Column Writing Can Be Dangerous Game
  • Margot Fonteyn Mediocre; Former Commie
  • New Books We Are High On
  • Freshman DIgs Suds but Misses Car
  • Different Clubs Do Many Different Things


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