Linda Johnson


Athletics scrapbook created by Linda Johnson:

  • 1979-80 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, np, nd
  • Becker, Debbie. Western Kentucky Hopes String of Upsets Continues, USA Today, nd
  • Big Red, np, nd
  • Clem Haskins Has Steve Miller Time, Could Have Brian Fish on Friday, np, nd
  • Clemons, J.C. The Slipper Fits: Western in Big Ball as Ole Miss Falls, LCJ, nd
  • Douchant, Mike. College: Rating the Conferences, np, nd
  • East Tennessee 106-83 Victim of Western Kentucky, LCJ, nd
  • Fillies Call Brenda Chapman Star; Olmstead Native Scores Pro 43, np, nd
  • Fred Tisdale, Steve Miller Lead All-Staters, np, nd
  • Grace, Lee. Family Affair: Clemette Haskins Follows Her Father, np, nd
  • Hanes, Clark. Gene Keady, Clem Haskins to be Named, PCDN, nd
  • Hanes, Clark. Georgetown Nips Tops in Overtime, PCDN, nd
  • Hanes, Clark. National Title Awaits, PCDN, nd
  • Hanes, Clark. Toppers Grab First Sun Belt Victory, PCDN, 1/12/1983
  • Hanes, Clark. Toppers Turn on for TV, Rally Past Virginia Tech 65-62, PCDN, nd
  • Head Coach Gene Keady, np, nd
  • Hilltopper All-Americans, np, nd
  • Hilltopper Basketball: Winning, np, nd
  • Hilltopper Head Coach Clem Haskins, np, nd
  • Jim McDaniels Case is Reminder: Penalties Can be Very Costly, np, nd
  • Johnson, Larry. James Johnson Named Western Most Valuable Player, News-Democrat, 4/27/1978
  • Key, Julius. Western Blasts Bulls for Division Title, np, nd
  • Knee Injury Sidelines Lillie Mason, np, nd
  • Lady Tops 18th in Rankings, np, nd
  • Mark of Distinction: Twenty-Two 20-Win Seasons, np, nd
  • McKenzie, Tim. Six-Hour Wait Equals Tickets for University of Kentucky, WKU, np, nd
  • Mike Odemns, Frank Jones, George Sorrell, Arch Johnson, Johnny Britt, Jesse Williams on All-Ohio Valley Conference Team, np, nd
  • Official NCAA Basketball Box Score, 12/29/1982
  • Red Towel Country . . . How It All Began, np, nd
  • Reed, Billy. Blood on the Towels, LCJ, 2/23/1984
  • Ross, Thomas. Kannard Johnson is Toppers Offensive Mainstay, PCDN, 1/4/1985
  • Signing of Craig McCormick Brings Western Success, News-Democrat, 4/27/1978
  • Sophomore Year in Sun Belt is Western’s Kannard Johnson, LCJ, nd
  • Special K – Kannard Johnson, np, nd
  • Steve Miller is Mr. Basketball, np, nd
  • Sun Belt Conference broadside, nd
  • Sutton, Stan. A Place in the Sun? np, nd
  • Sutton, Stan. Alabama-Birmingham Stands between Western, Game with University of Kentucky, LCJ, nd
  • Sutton, Stan. Topper-Less Joint, np, nd
  • Sutton, Stan. Underrated? LCJ, nd
  • Sutton, Stan. Western Kentucky Believes & Knocks Out Tall Syracuse with an 87-86 Overtime Punch, LCJ, nd
  • Turner, Jim. Athlete of the Month – Brenda Chapman, np, nd
  • Turner, Jim. Gentleman Jim Richards Resigns, np, nd
  • Turner, Jim. Lillie Mason to Play for Hilltoppers, np, nd
  • Wade, Debi. Lady Toppers Advance to Final Four, PCDN, nd
  • Western Kentucky vs. South Florida – Noon, np, nd
  • Western Tops Japan Again, np, nd
  • White, Don. Spartans End Tops Tournament Hopes, CHH, 3/23/1978
  • Women’s Final Four Pairings Complete, USA Today, nd


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