Linda Johnson


Athletic scrapbook created by Linda Johnson.

  • Branch, Bruce. Terri Mann’s World: Lady Toppers Rout University of Kentucky 80-56, LCJ, nd
  • Branch, Bruce. Western Surprises University of Alabama-Birmingham for 53-50 Win, LCJ, nd
  • Clemons, J.C. Brett McNeal Helps Western Race to 109-93 Win, PCDN, nd
  • Hoppes, Lynn & Todd Turner. Colonels Wreck Tops’ First Playoff Game in 12 Years, np, nd
  • Key, Julius. Arrival of Terri Mann Marks Change of Era, np, nd
  • Lady Toppers vs. Soviet Union National Team, 11/8/1987
  • Maranto, Gina. This Terri Mann Has a Mission, np, nd
  • Mathis, Mark. Baby Moses Is Growing Up – Terri Mann, PCDN, nd
  • Mathis, Mark. Brett McNeal Dances for 33 on University of Southern Alabama, PCDN, nd
  • Mathis, Mark. Brett McNeal, Work Push Toppers, PCDN, nd
  • Mathis, Mark. Lights Bring Out Fans for Western, PCDN, nd
  • Mathis, Mark. Signing of Kim Pehlke Solidifies WKU as Tops in Kentucky, PCDN, nd
  • Mathis, Mark. Steve Miller Has Seen It All, PCDN, nd
  • Medley, Joe. Anthony Smith Nabs 21 Rebounds to Lead Tops to Blowout
  • Medley, Joe. Russians Bomb Western Late, PCDN, nd
  • Medley, Joe. Western Finishes Off Kentucky, PCDN, nd
  • Medley, Joe. Western Steals Atlanta’s Mike Wilson from University of Tennessee, Auburn, PCDN, nd
  • Raupp, Paul. Ronald Reagan Charms Packed Diddle Arena, PCDN, 10/23/1988
  • Safety James Edwards is All-American
  • Shacklette, Buddy. Knee Surgery Very Smooth, Bob Goodwin Says – Terri Mann, CHH, 2/4/1988
  • Shacklette, Buddy. Mary Taylor Leads Lady Tops to Title, np, nd
  • Smith, Joe. Hilltoppers Atop the East, np, nd
  • Turner, Todd & Eric Woehler. You Don’t Forget – Kay Smith, Dwight Smith, np, nd
  • Wheatley, Tom. From G.I. Joes to Joe College, Sporting News, nd
  • WKU Wins Sun Belt, NCAA Berth, np, nd
  • Woehler, Eric. Brett McNeal Wants to Shed One-Dimensional Label, np, nd
  • Woehler, Eric. Fred Tisdale Proves Point, Leads Western In Win, np, nd
  • Woehler, Eric. Murray Arnold Builds on Brett McNeal, Fresh Roster, np, nd


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