Underground newspaper created by students for students to protest Vietnam War and race relations on campus and in Bowling Green.

  • Cable, John. Off-Campus Newspaper: Liberal Propaganda?
  • Tichenor, Steve. Plain Brown Wrapper Bag
  • Scherr, Wayne. Voting – A Responsibility
  • Smith, Grant. Two Dances?
  • Wallace, James. Analysis: Enforced Freedom
  • Nau, Kathy. Student Action
  • Nau, Kathy. Get Right With God
  • Meek, Rick. The Great Speckled Bird
  • Potter, Bob. Whitey
  • Davis, Jackie. The Other War
  • Crenshaw, Braxton. Black Patriotism
  • Cromwell, Linda. Boycott Grapes
  • Meek, Rick. Atlanta March
  • Hendrick, Jim. War is Hell
  • Tichenor, Steve. Violent Revolt: A Criticism
  • Lane, Teddi. Bowling Green Human Relations
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Nau, Kathy. Is Bullwinkle a Commie Plot?
  • Baker, Genelda. Stage 300


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