An eagle-eyed researcher has pointed out an error on page 25:

After World War II, he [Victor Strahm] was made commander of Barksdale Field in Shreveport, Louisiana on January 11, 1946. Having served at this army post in 1932, he met and then married in 1934, the former Nonie Brusch of Shreveport.94

94. “Kunish Will Succeed Strahm at Barksdale,” Shreveport Times, 16 July 1947

Excerpt from the article:

"Colonel Kunish assumes command of a post to which he first came as a second lieutenant in 1932, when he was assigned to the 77th pursuit squadron. He served also in the colorful old Eighth attack squadron at Barksdale in 1934 and during that assignment here was married to a Shreveport girl, the former Nonie Brusch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Brusch, 153 Ardmore street."

Victor Strahm did not serve at Barksdale in 1932 nor did he marry Nonie Brusch.


Term paper written by Arthur White for American Music class profiling Franz Strahm, early WKU music professor. Introduction:

The School of Music was established in 1909 as part of the Normal School. The following year, 1910, is a most important year in the musical growth of Bowling Green. It was at this time that Franz Joseph Strahm was appointed Dean of this School of Music. The following year, Professor Strahm organized the Oratorio Society.


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