Loose items removed from scrapbook have been digitized at the end of the file.


Photo scrapbook created by twins Anna Jo Cook Pickens and Betty Jo Cook Gibson. They were recruited as cheerleaders by E.A. Diddle in 1944. Items date from 1941 through 1996.


  • Is Betrothed - Betty Jo Cook
  • Starting Lineup for the Hilltoppers
  • Cook Twins Praised Highly for Cheering
  • Harmony & Rhythm
  • Cook Twins to Tour with Western Quintet
  • Western Whooper-Uppers
  • McNerney, Jerry. Cook Twins Wow 'Em
  • Pennington, Penny. Strictly Personal
  • Friday Nighter's Cup Goes to Cook Twins
  • Production Credit Association Annual Stockholders Meeting Set for Saturday
  • Okay, Bring on the Twins, Is Reply for All-Star Game
  • Knott, Larry. Western to Play Ft. Knox at County High
  • Hall, Bob. Famed Cook Twins of Western State on Local Progam
  • Cook Sisters are Highly Praised
  • Shaver, Leon. Kentucky Twins, Anna Jo and Bettie Jo Cook, Entertain Guests at Yanks' Annual Banquet
  • Jo and Jo
  • Famous Cook Twins Will Perform at Jay Cees' Benefit Thursday
  • Cooke - Gibson
  • Seventeen Western Seniors in Who's Who
  • Patton, Blaine. All-Star Letter to the Governor
  • Song, Dance Act Presented by Twins
  • Famous Twins to Entertain
  • Winners in Defeat
  • Baker, Marcia. Cheer Leaders
  • Probable West Starters
  • Stedler, Bob. Sport Comment
  • Lowe, Herman. Coach Diddle Understood Theater
  • Small Fry of the Quad-City Blackhawks


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