Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Computer Information Systems

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DesiTV – The Indian TV project would utilize latest technology to provide live channels from the Indian Television World to Online World. The project would hence serve Indian demographic providing regional entertainment. It would contribute to the knowledge on how to utilize new technology and use it to provide better entertainment to the online users. Additionally, the project would help in learning how to build website/blog, how to host/post content and how to set up servers for broadcasting live channels. Also, how to maintain servers downtime and provide technical support. It would also contribute in the learning of how to promote/advertise the project, how to get advertisers and above all how to make a vision a successful victory. This proposal is written to the cover background and motivation behind this project, project charter covering measures of success and risks of failure. Also to be covered are project scope, benefits, risk analysis, financial analysis, assumptions, recommendations, stakeholder analysis, responsibilities and milestone chart, communication plan, time estimate analysis and project budget. This basically would be a business plan for the online field of entertainment, serving the Indian community by providing television entertainment on the internet.


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