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The project involved surveying the before and aftereffects of holistic healing for ten undergraduate Kentuckians who identify as LGBTQIA+. The purpose of the project was to heighten and expand the LGBTQIA+ participants experience with holistic and wellness care, by utilizing on or off campus wellness activities. Those ten participants were split into two groups of five. The control group was lightly “encouraged” to attend any health and wellness activities. The intervention group was required to attend at least one yoga session per week. Each participant was instructed to complete and submit documentation each month. Those documents included surveys and monthly journal entries. For the first month, 100% of the intervention group participants, were able to attend at least 4 weekly yoga sessions. As for the control group, participants showed a consistent 40% of participation for each month. As for the intervention group, 80% of the participants were able to attend at least 4 yoga sessions for the second month. Both groups ended up with the same percentage of 40% participation for the last month. As for the qualitative data, there were multiple participant entries that aligned with comparative phrases or buzz words. Examples include the phrases, “Movement, Flexibility, & Balance” and “Use of Mainstream Medicine”.

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Michelle Reese, Ph.D.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies | Medicine and Health Sciences | Mental and Social Health