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An Analysis of Ralph Vaughan Williams' Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra in A Minor is an attempt to give readers a better understanding of Ralph Vaughan Williams, his composition style, and his life. The document provides a theoretical and historical analysis of the concerto. It discusses the form and harmony of the work. The thesis also gives the reader a better understanding of Leon Goossens, his relationship to the concerto, his life and his influence on pastoral music of the early 20th century. In addition, this paper will highlight the difficulties of playing the concerto, offer suggestions for practice and list recordings that are available to the public. Due to international copyright laws, the score is not included with the thesis. Included with the thesis is a compact disc recording of the concerto. The appendixes label the composition by rehearsal letter and measure number, clarify Italian terms (which are italicized throughout the document) and list the compact disc track numbers.


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