Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects

Blues Narrative: Blues People, COVID-19, and Civil Unrest


School of Journalism and Broadcasting

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Folk Studies and Anthropology

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Capstone Experience/Thesis projects must be accompanied by a written component to meet the requirements of The Mahurin Honors College. This CE/T filled this requirement through a peer-reviewed article published in the Journal of American Folklore in October 2021.

This work is listed on TopScholar with permission from the Journal of American Folklore. To learn more about the JAF, visit the American Folklore Society's webpage.


The “Blues Narrative: Blues People, COVID-19, and Civil Unrest” focuses on African Americans born between 1945 and 2004. The article delves into the establishment of homes, lifestyles, and traditions on a concrete terrain with Southern and country values, and shares how those values not only weathered the storm of many generations but how they armed interviewees to defend what some call an all-out attack on the Blues People in the present day. This is an ongoing project conducted from the perspective of a folklorist and ethnographer.

Advisor(s) or Committee Chair

Ann Ferrell, Ph.D.


African American Studies | Anthropology | Ethnomusicology | Folklore