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This CE/T project contains supplemental files. The audiobook versions of chapters 1, 2, and 3 of ChAos are attached below as audio files.


Over the duration of the summer and this past semester, I have revised a story which I wrote in middle school, known as ChAos. The story focuses on fictionalized version of friends of mine from middle school, as they survive a zombie apocalypse together, while bringing down the corporate entity that started it, and dealing with the political aftermath of such an event. Throughout this, I have started work on an audiobook as well, consulting with several different voice actors to help with the project.

Throughout this process, several changes had been done to add to the quality of the project, including proper formatting of a story, certain changes to the story, and added scenes to emphasize the character relationships. By doing this, I believe that I have added to the story and improved it for readers. Because it utilizes fictionalized versions of my friends, the story became a time capsule of sorts of the friendship I had with these people at this time. My hope is that, in the coming months or years, that I will be able to finish the audiobook, and publish it, along with the revised story, to the world.

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Daniel Liddle, Ph.D.


Creative Writing | Fiction | Theatre and Performance Studies

ChAosCh1_Audio.mp4 (27498 kB)
Audiobook version of Chapter 1 of ChAos

ChAosCh2_Audio.mp4 (10354 kB)
Audiobook version of Chapter 2 of ChAos

ChAosCh3_Audio.mp4 (13245 kB)
Audiobook version of Chapter 3 of ChAos