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The concept of personal branding was introduced in 1997 by Tom Peters in an essay entitled “The Brand Called You”. Since that term was introduced, there has been an explosion of media written about it and many different perspectives formed. In this social media driven age, much of the public understands personal branding as something for influencers and celebrities, when in reality it can, and should, be used by everyone. This project was created to be an intrinsic case study of my own personal branding experience as a college student looking to create a smooth transition into the post-graduation world. To do this, I crafted a month’s worth of journal prompts to answer, focusing on who I want to be personally and professionally, built up my public social media presence, crafted a personal branding guide, and began my job hunt. The final product is one that is not intended to be final, but rather will evolve and grow with me and my professional goals over the coming years.

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Kelley Coppinger, B.F.A.


Advertising and Promotion Management | Marketing | Public Relations and Advertising