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Theatre and Dance

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In private dance studios today, less importance is placed on students learning tap dance technique compared to other genres of dance, which is likely due to a lack of available teachers with the proper training and understanding of the tap dance technique and pedagogy. As a result, students in many private dance studios are left with limited training opportunities in tap dance, and older dancers that lost the chance to train in tap dance at a young age often become discouraged and uncomfortable with the genre. Because of this, older students need an opportunity to train in tap dance at a beginning level.

After researching and studying tap dance pedagogy through the Karida Griffith Tap Teacher Training Program, I developed a tap dance lesson for older beginner tap dancers. Additionally, I incorporated elements of my advertising major to promote and spread awareness for the course by using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite to design a logo, flyers, and social media posts. I contacted studios in the Kentucky/Tennessee area and was successful in scheduling my class with four private dance studios. In teaching these classes, I found that students were initially hesitant, but as the class progressed they became more engaged and eager to learn.

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Amanda Clark, M.F.A.


Advertising and Promotion Management | Dance | Other Theatre and Performance Studies