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Development of self-regulatory (SR) skills in musicians is crucial for the self- examination necessary for successful practice. Teaching methods that facilitate SR skills can help musicians become independent in the practice room. The first aim of this study was to design a framework for teaching that includes a five-step thinking-action sequence that will allow participants to evaluate their own playing during practice and equips them to enact necessary changes to their technique to bring their playing closer to a more proficient result. The second aim of this study was to use microanalysis with a cross-case comparative design to test the efficacy of the proposed framework. This was done with two participants (cases), both of similar ages and levels of playing ability, in weekly private lessons over four weeks. To compare results, one case received the intervention and the other served as the control. Trends from the case comparison suggest that this framework has good potential for increasing the use of self-regulatory habits and metacognitive self-reflection skills in students. However, future research is needed.

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Lisa Ruffin-Rexroat, Ph.D.


Music | Music Education | Music Pedagogy