Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Theatre and Dance

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Storytelling in dance poses a subjective challenge. The lack of concrete guidelines for choreography can create a discrepancy between what is considered successful dance across different genres. This research aims to address this issue by examining the role of space and energy in storytelling and their intersections through genres such as tap, modern, and dance film. Through an analysis of my choreographic works including 777, Memento Mori, Vivid Connections, and Portrait, this study investigates how common choreographic elements contribute to narrative effectiveness.

This study explores the utilization of compositional tools and their application across various genres to convey each piece’s unique concept. While similar tools may have been employed in different pieces, their adaptation to fit the specific genre ensures the most effective use of space and energy within the realm of the genre. Through documentation and analysis, it can be seen that the choreographer’s artistic voice remains evident through the differing uses of space and energy across genres, unifying the pieces despite the contexts in which they are presented.

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Meghen McKinley


Dance | Performance Studies