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Abstract The daily curriculum of many elementary schools lacks instructional time in the content areas of science and social studies. Many teachers insist that they do not have the time or training to cover these content areas on a daily basis. This project will illustrate that through proper planning, integration, and professional development, teachers can feel empowered to teach these content areas. The project includes a succinct explanation of how science and social studies can be included on a daily basis in the regular classroom setting, a detailed curriculum map, daily schedule, and four basic integrated units. The curriculum map was developed using the research based methods of Janet Hurt and Heidi Hayes-Jacobs and includes the Kentucky Core Content. The daily schedule is modeled after David Sousa’s brain research. Each of the four units integrates, or is based around, science or social studies skills and core content.


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Other Education | Science and Mathematics Education

Appendix A.doc (19 kB)
Appendix A

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Appendix B

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Appendix C

Reading Unit.doc (65 kB)
Reading Unit

M Lesson 1.doc (46 kB)
Math Unit Lesson 1

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Math Unit Lesson 2

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Math Unit Lesson 3

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Math Unit Lesson 4

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Math Unit Lesson 5

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Science Unit

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Social Studies Unit