Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects

Local Web, Niche Publications & Their Entrance into the Bowling Green Market


Marketing and Sales

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The view of traditional media is currently changing. With new, non-traditional forms of media barraging the marketplace, advertisers now have multi-faceted outlets that can better reach their target market. In fact, certain new mediums are currently being found to be more cost effective, particularly in newspaper advertising since the production costs for paper and printing seem to have skyrocketed. However, newspapers have long been local content guides for their particular area's marketplace arena, for most people want to read about events and issues that are directly affecting them. What is happening, though, is that the newspaper is evolving into a new entity which many people believe will eventually involve the internet. Production costs could be lowered and readership could remain reasonably high. Unfortunately, the internet brings with it another set of problems and customer dissatisfaction that the newspaper has yet to address, particularly in the area of marketing. With a well-developed marketing plan utilizing a mix of public relations, advertising, and promotion, an online information guide, similar to a newspaper, could be developed and made profitable within a three-year period. The package could have multi-faceted niches built right into the site which would give the guide the access to reach many different types of people within the same location - much as a mall functions today. The venture would need to use cable converters in order to give the public a familiar way in which to access the page. Needed also would be a reason for the public in a specific locality to want to obtain information in such a manner. In fact, the venture would have to be such that it could even work in a relatively rural market such as Bowling Green, Kentucky.



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