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Solid Phase Extraction has replaced distillation and liquid-liquid extraction as the most widely used method for extraction from solution. Though traditional SPE has seen great success, its downfalls are that it requires meticulous preparation procedures requiring funtionalized silanes and silica or polymerization courses. An alternative is ion exchange membranes to which long carbon chain ionic surfactants have been attached. The S1000 membrane ion exchange capacity was measured to be approximately 110 micro-equil/disc while the P81 membrane was 150 micro-equil/disc. Octadecyltri-methylammonium surfactant was immobilized on the membrane surface, qualitated through the use of ATR-FTIR, and quantified through elemental analysis. Kinetic adsorption experiments for cationic surfactant immobilized S1000 and P81 membranes demonstrate that equilibrium times are approximately 1 hour and 3 hours respectively while adsorption isotherms results indicate that S1000 membranes are able to extract 300% of the amount of 4-nitrophenol as extracted by P81 membranes.

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Eric Conte



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