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Even though the year 1984 has come and gone without a totalitarian dictatorship having come to power, George Orwell's predictions in 1984 are still hauntingly relevant in today's world, specifically regarding the effects of language on society and the invasion of privacy made possible by advancing technologies. Orwell's frightening dystopian society of Oceana bears a striking resemblance to present-day America. The United States has been set on a course towards Oceana for some time now. It is becoming alarmingly apparent that the tragic events of September 11 th may well prove to be the final catalyst needed to tum America into Oceana. By heeding Orwell's warnings, Americans can perhaps avoid the impending dystopia that he prophesied or, at the very least, not be caught looking the wrong way when it finally does arrive.

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Dr. Stephan Groce


Social and Behavioral Sciences