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Freud postulated that the instincts of sex and aggression are fused. One possible example of the expression of this fusion is the use of sexually explicit language to convey anger and aggression. If this usage is universal, then it may be construed as evidence for Freud's theory. The present study attempted to determine the pervasiveness of the use of sexually explicit language to express anger and aggression (SEL). Thirty-one epresentatives of languages other than American English completed questionnaires detailing the use of SEL in their native cultures. Results indicated that 28 of the respondents reported use of SEL in their native languages while only 3 indicated non-usage. However, the reponses of these 3 have lead to suspicions that these languges many have been misrepresented. The demographic factors found to influence use of SEL included gender, authority, education, economic status, age, and religiosity; these results were consistent with both past American studies and an American sample collected for the present investigation. Humor was also found to be an outlet for sexually explicit aggression.


Other English Language and Literature | Sociology of Culture