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This work ventures to find a solution to one source of economic instability: financial illiteracy. The inability to manage money, caused by a lack of education, has led to poor decision making. These bad decisions can lead to a number of financial hardships, as well as emotional and physical problems. Better education can combat all of these symptoms and lead to a healthier financial future. Growing Up Financially Literate attempts to help close the curriculum gap surrounding financial literacy by recognizing that the gap does not only exist in a single age group. Financial education cannot stop with any one age group; it must be a lifelong curriculum. Growing Up Financially Literate is about starting out young with a strong foundation of basics and then growing into more complex, yet still very practical, concepts of financial literacy. Elementary school students are taught the basic uses of money and why one should save. High school students learn the true cost of living, how it compares to real wages, and how to ensure a brighter financial future. Adults are taught to save money in an unusual way: by learning about, and taking advantage of, tax credits.

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Stacy R Wade


Accounting | Business

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